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The Real Reasons It’s Been a Little Slow on the Simple and Settled Life Blog

I wanted to share a quick “special announcement” that’s big news for my little family and also explains why things have been a little slow here on Simple and Settled Life…..

A Special Announcement

We are expecting a baby GIRL this spring!!

My hubby and I were SHOCKED-we both were convinced we were having another boy, but goodness, we are so excited to have a little lady in the family!

A Fresh Perspective on Pregnancy Through Miscarriage

After walking through a miscarriage this summer, this pregnancy brought a fresh perspective. I cannot take health lightly, or assume everything will be perfect. My aunt gave me such wise advice (she’d walked the miscarriage journey before), particularly speaking to when a new pregnancy begins and fear/anxiety is quick to appear again. She spoke of the importance of “being thankful for each day you get to carry the baby, no matter how long it may be.” It’s humbling to realize we aren’t promised a perfect outcome and really, we don’t control anything. But I’m so thankful to know and trust the One Who does know. He holds our sweet babe’s life in His hands.

Sweet baby Shiloh we miss you everyday

I found myself being excited to feel “sick” (I never had those symptoms with our baby we lost this summer) and when the scale started to slowly go up, I still run to my husband with excitement that I/baby is growing! Losing our baby Shiloh has changed my perspective and it’s interesting how the things I dreaded with my first pregnancy were two things that bring joy now. To carry a life is a gift not to be assumed or taken for granted. My mindset has taken a 180 turn from where it was with our first pregnancy when we had our son.

Why the Blog Has Slowed Down

SO between 1st trimester sickness, needing a nap most days (the hour my one-year old naps is a sacred hour :), teaching early online most days, and managing our family life- writing here has taken a back burner.

We also moved at the end of August to a new apartment (more on small space living with kid/s soon) as we took an “apartment manager” position. It is basically glorified vacuuming responsibilities, dropping off rent, and odds and end duties. This position has been a huge blessing as it has cut our rent down by a ton-allowing us to make significant headway in paying off my husband’s school loans FASTER. We are grateful. It takes more time too, so life has been extra busy with this added responsibility. (Sidenote: read more about living in an apartment with littles here.)

So dear reader, you aren’t forgotten. Thanks for reading our life updates and I hope to be back with you more consistently and soon.

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