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Still Alive Over Here! A Life Update

Well, hi there!

It’s been a long time since the blog has been filled with fresh content and it’s not for lack of ideas….but rather my family adjusting to “life as normal” with two kids, one of whom is two and never stops moving..there just isn’t much time for much else!

Oh, and yes, we are in the midst of a very strange time in the world-yes, strange indeed!

A Break from Social Media

In the midst of this craziness, I took a social media break. Because of this,I had more time to read and it’s been such a gift to my soul, mind, and heart. The books read in the past few months have given me fresh perspective on the things in life that really matter, the practice of creating a meaningful home and family culture, the importance of solitude and taking a break from the chaos of technology, and the blessedness of being thankful. I will soon have another post sharing some of these books that truly have been life-changing and encouraging for me in this season of mothering.

However, I still have hopes and dreams for this special little corner of the web…so please keep coming here and reading and sharing!

A Life Update

This spring, we had a beautiful baby girl in the thick of COVID. She’s absolutely lovely and we are blessed with the joy of being a family of four. Her big brother is quick to give her hugs, kisses, and cuddles, usually gentle..we are learning 🙂

Future of Simple and Settled Life

Now that we are a family of four, it’s really sinking in that we are a few years away from schooling decisions! I’ve been watching the mamas and families around me making these decisions and I can’t help but think, wow. How is that even possible? My oldest was just a little baby in my arms!

I’m want this place to be one of encouragement in the thick of motherhood, sometimes these may be frugal living tips or simplifying your life or book recommendations, etc. However, this place is also going to be where I share a little more about our continued journey to debt-freedom AND our beginning journey of, gulp, homeschooling! I can’t wait to share more in the future with you. Thanks for being here and I hope you stick around 🙂

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