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Music Mondays for Moms – A Little Taste of Truth in the Chaos (Week 1)

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Music has a lot of power. It can change your mood or the entire atmosphere of a room. It can dissipate feelings like fear or anxiety. God has used music greatly in my life in every season-long before I had a little one scurrying around and getting into everything and needing me every single minute at times! But, especially now, in this season of mommyhood, music has been a comfort and joy to me, especially on the really long (and sometimes lonely) days.

What is “Music Mondays for Moms”?

This will be a “mini-series” of posts occurring each Monday in September. I will share a song that’s been an encouragement to me in this season of motherhood along with a few short thoughts. The hope is that you can find at least one song, album, or artist you enjoy and you can create your own playlist for “those days” you need an extra measure of strength or perspective or just a friendly voice to keep you company and help you remember, “it is going to be okay.”

Why should I read Music Mondays?

Are you a mom? Do you feel alone sometimes or discouraged? I sure do some days. These songs can be tools to fight back on those days when you feel lonely or exhausted or just done. Even if you aren’t a mom, if you have a mom in your life that you love, please listen in! You just might be able to encourage her in a more meaningful way when you stop and think about the lyrics to some of these songs. If you aren’t a fan of music, try listening to a few. It’s worth it if even one song connects to your heart and struggle.

Music is one of those simple pleasures in life. As we think about living life and creating homes that are more intentional and simple, listening to music is a lovely practice to take part in. The songs I will be sharing are perfect for having in the background during nap time or while your kids are awake and with you.

When I look back on my story so far, I can’t help but remember songs God’s used to shape, refine, and encourage me. I hope sharing some of these songs for motherhood causes your heart to be encouraged too. And if (or rather when) you think of a song that’s been encouraging to you in the midst of life, please share below in the comments! I can’t WAIT to hear your songs!

Music Mondays for Mom – Week 1

We are kicking off Music Mondays with a song from one of my most favorite artists ever- Jenny & Tyler. I won’t go on and on, but in short, I fell in love with this sweet couple, their clear commitment to each other and their deep faith that is reflected in the lyrics to their songs. I first listened to them through a free download on Noisetrade when I was a freshman in college, cleaning buildings early in the morning as a part-time job (SO glamorous, I know 😉 .

I’ve watched Jenny and Tyler share their lives through their music and words- about marriage, about their four sweet babies, and live what they preach in their advocacy for justice for girls and for people around the world. They are the real deal.

This song “You Keep Loving Me” is just Jenny singing and it’s a real-life recording, you can even hear the birds singing in the background if you listen closely. The words cut to the heart of how we often feel as moms, we try, we fail, we beat ourselves up, and the cycle sometimes goes on and on. A lot of times we think the weight of the world-our kids’ well-being, their future, their success, all rests on us. Only us. Jenny’s words are a reminder of God’s unconditional, never-ending love which draws us back to Who He is. This changes everything-even how we view ourselves and our own failures. It’s not up to us alone. The burdens we carry are not meant for us to weather alone. Listen and be reminded of this truth Mama. He loves you so.

“You Keep Loving Me” by Jenny & Tyler

Sometimes I feel like a failure

There I’ve said it out loud

And I’m so afraid that I will never measure up

To what You want for me, but somehow

You keep loving me; You keep loving me

I’ve been sitting on this porch over an hour

Watching my neighbors live their distant lives

And the birds are singing songs that sound familiar

And I want to join them, but I don’t know how

Still You keep loving me; You keep loving me

And I confess sometimes I think I’m better on my own

I can handle this alone

Shows how much I know

And I can’t understand why You still woo my tired heart

Try to fill the vacant parts

Guess that’s part of who You are

‘Cause You keep loving me

You keep loving me

You keep loving me

You keep loving me

Sometimes I feel like a failure

There I’ve said it

If you’d like to learn more about Jenny & Tyler and their story and journey, visit their website. To buy this song for your own music library, go here.

Don’t forget to share the songs that have impacted you in your journey of motherhood! Write them below! I can’t wait to hear yours 🙂

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