About Me

Hi, I’m Danielle!

Welcome to this little space in the great big world of the internet!

I am a former elementary teacher now at home with my sweet son and daughter and married to my amazing husband. I love and follow Jesus. My other loves include a cup of (good) coffee, teaching my adorable ESL students online in the wee morning hours, anywhere with mountains, dark chocolate, a diverse music playlist, a long walk outside, a good book, a thrifty find, and getting rid of clutter!

Right now in the trenches of everyday living and mothering, I am learning that being known as “Mama” is a beautiful and refining calling. Even BEFORE motherhood, my struggle with feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life was a thing. In this new season of motherhood and working from home and starting to homeschool and managing a home and cooking meals and all the things…life never seems to slow down!

In the highs and lows of life, I find myself yearning for more than just finishing my to do list or wishing away the season I’m in. I desire more gratitude, contentment, time, and intentionality with people and in my own life.

This blog is for the mom who wants to learn with me on my family’s journey to create a more simple and settled haven in our space and home education for our children. Perhaps you also have a longing to live more simply and intentionally with your people, home, and time.

This blog is for women who want to see a real life homeschool journey from its beginnings. And for those of us who long for a friend and space to be encouraged to walk with a little more grace, simplicity, and intentionality in this crazy life.

Stewardship is a big word but it’s one that is near and dear to my heart. As humans, women, and mamas too, we are all called to be wise stewards of what we have. This includes our money, time, space, belongings, and those little (and big) people entrusted to us to love and nurture.

I want to help you live with less, spend less, and educate your children as we walk through these uncertain days and times. I’m so far from perfect in this process and I make plenty of mistakes, but I hope that as I share what I’ve learned so far – you will share your own growth as well. It’s takes a village-so let’s learn together, shall we?

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I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for joining me in my journey towards living a simple and settled life!

Love, Danielle