5 Peaceful Music Albums to Play with Kids

Life with littles can get crazy and busy-fast. Having calm music in the background can help everyone feel a little less stressed-be it during morning transitions, play time, cleaning, or winding down before a nap or bed.

There is a lot of children’s music out there! But, it can be harder to find music that appeals to both the adult and the child, with lyrics that are meaningful and music that is playful enough for both to enjoy.

I’m including 5 favorite music albums that are commonly on repeat in our home. Some we listened to even before he was born and some were discovered more recently through church, VBS, or just on the radio/other recommendations. With each album, I’ll share a few songs that are my son’s favorites too, in case you want to have a few to start with.

One more thing: be sure you read through to the end to see my bonus tip on how I stream music for free without paying a monthly subscription fee too!

Be Held: Lullabies for the Beloved (Christy Nockels)

This entire album is perfect for winding down before bed, during nighttime nursing if you feel lonely or need some encouragement, and just setting the tone for a mellow mood.

Favorites: Head to Toe (The Armor Song), Always Remember to Never Forget, and Pitter Patter Goes the Rain.

Sing: Creation Songs (Ellie Holcomb)

Ellie has a warm, sunshine-y voice and she has children join her in singing some of the songs telling the creation story. Favorite songs: Joyful Noise, Light’s Always Stronger, Sing.

You Are My Little Bird (Elizabeth Mitchell)

Elizabeth Mitchell has been a favorite children’s music singer of mine for awhile-I first discovered her when I was a Kindergarten teacher 5 and a half years ago! She has a gentle soothing voice. Pair this with folk instruments and (often) her family members joining to sing make this irresistible for mom and child! BONUS: they sometimes sing in Spanish and English! Your kids can learn another language and enjoy some quality music 🙂 Favorite songs: Little Bird, Little Bird, Peace Like a River, Three Little Birds.

I Dream of You, Vol. 2 (JJ Heller)

This is another great “winding down” album. JJ Heller has a calming voice with meaningful lyrics that just might cause mama to tear up a bit

Favorite songs (well… these are MY favorites ;): Moon River, Paving the Runway, Edelweiss.

Instrumental Hymns (Any artist)

My dear husband started the morning tradition of listening to instrumental hymns while having breakfast/getting our little man ready for the way while I am teaching. I love the tone it sets and the peaceful quiet it brings to our little home and often do the same on the mornings I don’t teach.

How To Stream Music For FREE

How many of you have or have access to Amazon Prime? (I’m willing to bet, MANY of you do). Did you know that an Amazon Prime member has access to Amazon Music, which allows you to stream thousands and thousands of music and songs for FREE? All of the above albums can be found on Amazon Music to stream freely as an Amazon Prime member. And it’s ad-free, so perfect for little ears!

What are YOUR go-to music albums with your littles?

I have a playlist of songs for my son that I am constantly adding to or adjusting as we discover music together and what he likes (and I do too). It’s been fun to start another playlist for my little girl due this spring as I find songs that remind me of daughters, her upcoming arrival, or just things I want to pray over her. Do you have a playlist for your kids? Have you found your littles have favorite albums or songs? Please do share! I’d love to add to our ever-growing list 🙂 Thanks for being here!

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