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11 Podcasts for the Tired Mom

Do you ever get overwhelmed with how much content is available to our fingertips or earbuds with one simple Google search? I definitely do. This is a round-up of my favorite podcasts reaching a range of topics. These shows are easy listening for the lonely days or the days you need a little pick-me-up that’s not caffeine.

I go through seasons of listening to podcasts (i.e.-meal prep days, when I actually take a long shower, cleaning, etc..) and then it will be a while before I even think about it again. But, it’s still amazing to have these resources at my fingertips as needed. I’ve found on long or discouraging days, a listen to a “Risen Motherhood” or “Birds on a Wire” episode reminds me of the bigger picture of life and the fact that I’m not alone as a mom and woman.

Hopefully, this list is helpful. I’d love to hear your favorite podcasts too (comment below!) There are so many out there, I’m surely missing some great ones! My absolute favorites (the ones I listen to “fairly often”) are in bold and with **s.

For Parenthood

**Birds on a Wire (aka “Wire Talk with Karen Stubbs”)

Karen is a mom of four grown adult children with a heart for moms in the season of “crazy.” Her husband was a pilot and would travel for weeks at a time when the kids were young-so she gets the stress of being a single parent at times. She offers a lot of great advice, perspective, and always has “one takeaway” that’s an immediate application to the issue talked about. I love her thoughts because she doesn’t offer only ideas and advice but real life stories and action steps.

**Risen Motherhood

These two sister-in-laws have been around for a few years, but I’ve recently been so encouraged in listening to their most recent episodes, particularly one on finding rest in Advent and the role of the mom community in your church. They are moms of multiple kiddos and talk about tons of things related to motherhood.Their main focus is talking about how the Gospel relates to the everyday realities and decisions of motherhood.There are plenty of questions and thoughts to ponder and discuss with a friend in real life!

Connected Families

Jim and Lynne Jackson have a wonderful ministry for families with practical tips on how to parent in a way that makes your child know they are safe, loved, capable, called, and responsible (that’s their framework in a nutshell). They are both professionals who work with families (Jim has worked with troubled teens and Lynne is/was an occupational therapist.) They have unique perspectives on children/teens and their needs. My hubby and I are taking an online course from them at our own pace (meaning we are a few weeks..errr months… behind..but that’s ok 😉 and we have LOVED the practicality and Gospel-centered heart of their teaching.

Simplicity Parenting

Kim John Payne has over 27 years of experience in the education and family world. While I don’t agree with every single thing I’ve listened to on his podcast, I do really appreciate his goal of helping parents “Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier and More Secure Kid” (this is also the title of his book). I’ve appreciated his perspective on de-cluttering toys and the home especially.

For Marriage

Java with Juli

Juli is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker and founder of the ministry “Authentic Intimacy.” This podcast is not traditional;”taboo” topics in the typical conservative community are talked about here in the context of creating authentic intimacy in our identities in Christ along with your spouse (if you are married) and with others. Lots of the sessions are within a marriage context but there are also excellent episodes on individual awareness and growth.

Focus on the Family Parenting/Marriage Podcast

This podcast (also good for parenting ) covers a WIDE range of topics-ones that are helpful and applicable to many life situations.

For Personal Growth/Study

The Next Right Thing with Emily P. Freeman

An old roommate and college friend introduced this lovely podcast to me and while I haven’t listened to many episodes yet, it is one of the most calming and peace-filled shows I have heard. Emily P. Freeman is a well-known writer, mom, writer, and her podcast is on making decisions. It sounds a little generic perhaps. But think about it, there are many avenues and sidebars of how we go about making ALL of the decisions in our busy crazy lives. Her perspective is worth listening to. A favorite episode so far of mine: Borrow Prayers.

**Ask Pastor John

This podcast is with Pastor John Piper from Desiring God ministries, the previous lead pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. Since my time in college in the Twin Cities, I have really admired Piper’s biblical wisdom, view of “Christian hedonism” (God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him), and teaching. Disclaimer: his books/sermons can be long-winded and wordy, which is why the podcast is so wonderful because it’s in smaller “bite-sized” chunks. Some of my favorites: Should Stay At Home Moms Take A Day Off, Should We Sing of God’s Reckless Love?, Should Children Sit Through “Big Church”, and What Does It Mean For A Man To Lead His Family Spiritually?.

**Life with Amy & Jordan

I just discovered this podcast from a friend’s recommendation on Facebook and I have to say, I was maybe a little skeptical from the (slightly) cheesy picture. However, so far, it’s been so sweet and full of life advice from a couple about many things (not things applicable only to married folks either). Favorite episodes include How To Avoid Surprise Spending, Date Night and How We Lived On One Teacher’s Salary.

Educating Children

Read Aloud Revival

Sara Mackenzie is a homeschooling mom of six who wrote a fabulous book entitled “The Read Aloud Family.” (I highly recommend this book, regardless of your views of homeschooling.) Sara dives into specifics of what a reading culture looks like in the home through her many insightful and inspiring podcasts.

A Delectable Education

As a former elementary classroom teacher, I always imagined my own children attending a typical school, perhaps while I even taught there as well. However, my husband and I have been talking more and more about the possibility of homeschooling for at least the first few years since I hope to be home with our kids when they are little and tuition for private education is not cheap. The more I have learned about Charlotte Mason and her views of children and of education, the more excited I get to create this atmosphere in my own home, regardless of whether we homeschool or not. It also makes me wish for this type of education for my own self! A favorite episode, “The Early Years” (Episode 79).

What’s YOUR pick-me-up podcast?

There you have it! The current podcasts that make me smile. And also may very well change or grow in time. What are yours? Comment below!

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